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What Inclusion Really Is

"As I watched her speak, leaning into the conversation and listening to the enthusiasm in her voice, I immediately noticed how passionate she was about her work and her deep commitment to help others live their best lives. There is no doubt in my mind, that Kitti came to the US to show us what inclusion really is, regardless of our abilities or disabilities…she is here to show us the inclusion of humanity as a whole!#citizenshipforkitti With Love, D.K.

This message was received from a speaker that Kitti had coordinated for ENABLE, an associate resource group that was created to increase awareness, access and advocacy for people with disabilities. At that time, Kitti had no way of knowing she would personally be working through many of the trials and tribulations experienced by those she advocated for. Kitti always enjoyed bringing people together.

The outpouring of love and support for Kitti over the past week is incredible. Thank you to the nearly 1000 petition signers and subscribers to her website. Kitti is so grateful, and there is a renewed hope that sparks her eyes.

We are very appreciative to Heather Graf of WJLA ABC7 for capturing Kitti’s story with such compassion and eloquence. Eternally thankful. And many thanks to Robby, who somehow could maneuver his camera around our living room and Kitti’s art projects. You can check out the video and article here:

Kitti was also featured on the front page of World Journal last week, which is the largest Chinese language daily newspaper in the United States, and one of the largest outside of China. With readership of approximately 350,000, this coverage has helped create awareness of Kitti’s situation. Many thanks to Xiaoyuan Luo for all that you do! The online version may be seen here:

Kitti’s journey is gaining traction on social media. Congressman Beyer retweeted a heartfelt message to his 73,000 followers, and Colin Miller, a fellow UVA grad and co-host of the Undisclosed podcast shared her plight with his 47,000 followers. We are grateful for the support. Her website and video has over 7000 views on LinkedIn at this time. Our goal is to soon add dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages for #citizenshipforKitti.

With words not coming easily, Kitti has a postcard that she hands out to those she encounters to help share her story. With zero fear, she hands them out to her therapists, food servers, and more...basically anyone she encounters!

Inclusion is defined as “making a person or thing part of a group or collection”.

Kitti continues to bring people together.

Kitti continues to show us all what inclusion really is.

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1 Comment

Oct 11, 2019

Kitti,I think your progress is amazing and I am praying it continues until this journey is over and a new journey begins..just know many people care about you. And support you with their love.

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