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We would like for a private bill to be introduced to Congress that will allow Kitti to stay in the US permanently to continue receiving medical care – no federal benefits are being used. Please show your support for Kitti by clicking the Subscribe/Contact button and submit with #CitizenshipforKitti in the message box. Your name will be added to the petition presented to Congressman Beyer and Senator Kaine.


Letters in support of Kitti’s pursuit of a legal remedy to her extraordinary circumstance addressed to local Congressman Don Beyer and Senator Tim Kaine are appreciated. Fax is the fastest method: Beyer – 703-658-5408; Kaine – 703-361-3198. Your interactions with Kitti and all of the compelling reasons she needs to remain in the USA help to put a face to those that don’t know her personally. Leaving would be an injustice to a very deserving individual.


Quick testimonial(s) to Kitti’s character can be included in the message box on the Subscribe/Contact page. She does not have family ties to the USA, but enjoys significant community contacts and an extremely large support system of friends who have become family. We want to highlight her qualities as an upstanding resident for the past 13 years – as a teen, as a collegiate, and as a professional.


Share on social media channels! Please use #CitizenshipforKitti when posting. 


We appreciate any opportunity to visit organization(s) to share Kitti’s story and create awareness on the system’s failure to provide relief in a timely manner. The focus is on Kitti’s journey and to garner support – the focus is NOT politics as a whole. Opportunities to write an article for organizational newsletters are also welcomed.


We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with online research assistance, particularly for nonprofit organization contact information and media contacts. Even one hour of research will help!


Subscribe for updates on Kitti’s journey and receive notice of new blog postings. Don’t forget to include #CitizenshipforKitti in the message box to be included on the petition for Kitti’s permanent residency!


Most of all, keep loving Kitti. Her vivacious laugh will NEVER change, and the more it’s heard during this stressful time for her as she continues to recover, the better!

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