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This Kitti is a Lion

Thanks for visiting Kitti’s page and for your support in her quest for citizenship. Many people over the past several months have asked Kitti and I if we’ve taken notes throughout her journey so that she can look back at all she’s accomplished (and for the book that we all know Kitti will one day write!). I tease Kitti that since she thought it was the year 1984 for awhile when she was hospitalized, that she better hope I did! There are many memories that are forever burned into my mind - amazing triumphs of Kitti’s, scary and heartbreaking moments, and many wonderful acts of human kind shown by those around her. As Kitti feels comfortable, those stories (as well as updates) will be shared here as we work on finding a way for her to remain in the USA. Her journey is one of tenacity, perseverance and strength. You may think of kittens as cuddly and cute; this Kitti has the heart of a lion.

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